White Widow COllection

Sale Concluded 4/21/18


Mayhem v1.5




Spook - 4/21



How Do RNG Sales Work?

I hold Raffle-Style sales to keep it as fair for everyone to get a chance at one (or more) of these keys.

This process is similar to how popular sneakers are sold online. Here's a general idea of how this process will work:

  1. You fill out the sale form, specifying which keycaps you would like to win and pay for.

  2. When the sale ends, all orders are fed into software that randomly chooses winners to receive keycaps, based on their sale form choices. Invoices are sent to those individuals that were lucky enough to win. Those that did not win do not pay anything. You will not win ANYTHING that you do not choose on the sale form.

  3. You pay your invoice, I send you your keycaps!

I don't ask for personal information or credit card info. Just your PayPal email so I can send you an invoice if you've been picked. Entry does not guarantee an invoice.