For order issues, questions, or business inquiries, please fill out and submit a ticket through the form provided here. Before submitting, please take a moment to read the FAQ below. It might answer your question!

If you feel more comfortable using your own email to open a ticket, you can send me an email at

All issues are handled by our support bunny, Oatmeal.

Oatmeal the Support Bunny

Oatmeal the Support Bunny



How do I enter a Keyforge sale?

Sales are posted in the Current Sales section, where the official sale rules and Google Form link will be available. We do not sell keys on our website, instead, we collect orders though a Google Form that will be posted when the sale is announced and opened.

Sales typically only last 24-48 hours, but Flash Sales can be as quick as 60 seconds, and are usually won by the more dedicated fans. However, anybody can enter and win a key.

We recommend the following to be successful in our KeyForge sales:



Follow us on Geekhack or Reddit, or check our website often for updates. Knowing the latest designs and following the progress of projects will give you a great idea when a new sale is about to happen. If you have questions, feel free to shoot us an email or ask a member of the community for help. The better informed you are, the more prepared you will be when we announce our sales.



Good stuff takes time to create, and we keep the batches relatively small to keep the quality high. We don't have a big office building, a manufacturing plant, or even gnomes to help us out. Each keycap is painstakingly created by hand, inspected for mistakes, and hand-finished to perfection. We try to never bite off more than we can chew, and we only make so many keycaps each sale. If you missed a sale or didn't get an invoice, try again. 



Let us know how we're doing. We seriously consider every piece of positive and negative feedback, and do our best to change for the better. Do you hate something that we do? Let us know.



Can I purchase keys directly from the website?


We currently do not sell keycaps directly through the website.

The site is primarily meant to be a hub of updates and information, as well as a catalog of our previous sales. These can be found in the Sale Archive.

Replacements / Returns

First off, we're sorry if you need a replacement. We strive to honestly make the best product we can. Each key goes through a Fit and Finish check in order to catch small color imperfections, stem fit issues, and bubbles. Sometimes things can slip through the cracks, and we're happy to make amends. Please contact us with your issues within 30 days of receiving your key in order to quality for a Replacement.



We will happily replace any key that has issues, as long as you can provide proof of the problem and we deem it to be a defect. The following are approved Return situations:

  • MX or Topre stem does not fit, or is very loose
  • Keycap was damaged during shipping
  • Received incorrect order

We will not replace keys for anybody other than the original owner/purchaser.


Shipping issues

If you did not receive your order, we will do our best to fix the situation. Nine times out of ten, we can fix the problem and get you your keys. Be aware that if an order is not received due to an address error on your part, we cannot replace the key until we receive the original back. Refunds can be given in those situations.



We typically do not give refunds for orders once you have received your keycaps. Instead, we would like to work with you and replace the key that you are having issues with.


Order Transfers

Transferring or selling orders before they arrive in your hands are not permitted. Any orders that are found to be sold or transferred will be cancelled and the original order owner will be refunded.



We primarily use USPS, and we print labels in advance for convenience. Tracking is provided with all KeyForge orders for your convenience.


Order tracking

Your order will typically not check-in until it reaches it's first stop, so your tracking will most likely read "Label Created" until that time. Sometimes we print labels a few days in advance, and take them all in at once. Once your label is printed, we strive to get your package to the post within 5 business days. Please allow 5 business days before contacting us about your order.


Did not receive package

Please ensure that packages have actually shipped out before contacting us about not receiving your package. You can check on our Geekhack Artisan Thread, or our Shipping Updates Page.

The most common problem we run into is people giving us the incorrect shipping address. We cannot stress enough how important it is to update your PayPal address, and double check your information before paying. We receive the address you put into PayPal, and ship it there. 

We will work with you to correct the situation if shipping problems arise. Mistakes happen. 


Donation use

We won't give you a BS story about how we run on donations and list a bunch of made-up reasons why you should give us MORE money blah, blah, blah. We use donation money to buy Red Bull when it's 4am on a Tuesday and we're casting keycaps for the next sale, or to replace one of the ratty old t-shirts Sneaky Potato uses to cast keycaps in. It buys us a meal and a beer every now and again. Stuff like that. 

We feel donations are very personal things. It's free money that you're giving to support something you care about, and we don't take that lightly.

Donating doesn't increase your chances of getting into a sale, or receiving any special keys or favors. We won't ever try to trick you into donating by tacking it onto your order, or asking for more money when you've got your PayPal open.

To make a donation, send it to through PayPal, or shoot us an email if you'd like to help in another way.

We appreciate your support, donation or not.