1. This sale will be open for one calendar year, or 365 days. Take your time, no rush! After one year, I will close the sale and choose the winners. This should accommodate all schedules, time zones, and plans that you might have. The sale will open on Friday, 7/21/17, and close on 7/21/18. The entry form will remain on my website for the duration of the entire sale.

2. There will only be only one Shishi colorway available, named NaCl. Each key will come packaged in a bag of salt, to preserve freshness. This is also done as a symbol of all of the dried tears from so many upset people that piss and moan because they believe life should be handed to them on a silver platter. There will be many keys available so you won't need to fight against other people to get a key. I will reveal pictures of the key in six months or so, just so I don't inconvenience anybody by making them too excited. 

3. Winners will be chosen at random (RNG) once the sale closes. You will then have another full calendar year, or 365 days to make payment. All payments are due by 7/21/19. No rush! This sale is about you and your feelings.

4. Packages will ship once you make payment. Again, absolutely no rush!


5. Any attempts to game the system will be met with reward and praise.


6. This is a completely serious sale. On top of the NaCl keys sent out, one lucky winner will receive a limited-edition Shishi Salt Shaker, which is fully functional.


I hope that this gives everyone a completely fair and extremely comfortable experience when trying to purchase my keys. This sale is meant to work around your schedule and make you feel safe.

If you have issues or problems with this sale format, please reach out to me and I will do anything, even groveling, if I can to make your buying experience more comfortable. After all, you are my beloved customer, and I am a complete slave to your bidding!

Best of luck to everyone, and as always, thank you for the support!