Custom Work

> Availability <

Custom work is something I do, but I only take on a few clients a month in order to not disrupt my current workflow.

Please email me at to discuss potential projects.


> pricing <

Custom work is a premium service, and is priced as such. Please email me to discuss the project and pricing.


> What Do I Get? <

Each commission is created by hand, starting with a brand new mold poured specifically for you. This ensures that your key will be completely free of any flaws that may happen during normal production. Your key will be as close as it gets to the original clay sculpt.

Your key is then poured by hand with extreme attention to detail and finish, to your specifications. If it's not perfect, it's remade until it is.

Finally, your key is set inside of a KeyForge Signature Edition magnetic box, and sealed with a custom blend of hot wax on the top.