Sale is closed

Post-Sale Update #2 (8/6)

All invoices have been sent, and various support tickets asking for address and order changes are being addressed. We appreciate your patience as we work through all the communication.

Right now I am estimating about 8-10 weeks for production and shipping, due to the large amount of orders. I’m setting the official Cutoff Date as October 6th. Any orders that have not shipped by then will receive a shipping refund for the wait.

The main focus right now is getting all invoices squared away and addressed fixed before moving to production, so mistakes don’t need to be corrected later. Once keys have begun production next week, I will post photos.

Next update will be provided on August 20th


1. This is a GB-Style sale, which means these keys will be made to order, and all orders will be fulfilled. Keys will take approximately 4-6 weeks to produce and ship. Updates will be provided to all winners via email, and a firm ship date will be set once all invoices are out. Any orders that are not shipped within the promised time frame will receive a shipping refund.

2. You may choose ANY of the keys above (limit one of each colorway), and you will receive those keys.

3. Use the Google Form to choose which caps you would like to be invoiced for.

4. Updates will be provided on a bi-weekly basis to all entrants via email.

5. “Lucky Dip” means that you will receive one of the pictured sculpts in the colorway at random.

There will be extra free keys sprinkled into people’s packages at random.

As always, thank you to everyone that makes these sales possible. Your continued support makes this all worth it.