How to enter Sales


> Different Is Good <

KeyForge is a bit different than most online places you're probably used to.

I don't sell my keycaps in a physical store, or have an online storefront where you can add them to your cart and check out. There are just way too many people and too few keycaps, so I have to sell my work in a way that will ensure everyone has a fair shot at getting one. If I didn't, they would all be gone in seconds and there would be a lot of upset people. Chaos would ensue, and governments would collapse.

All sale outcomes are determined by RNG (Random Number Generation), so you have a completely fair and equal shot at getting a key when you put your name into one of the sales. I've tried a lot of things, and I believe that this is the best and most fun way to buy artisans.

To enter a KeyForge sale, just do the following:

How To Enter.png

Simple, right?

> fair chances for all <

It wasn't always this easy.

Myself and lots of other Artisans have tried numerous ways to make sales as simple as possible for everyone to enter, while giving people a fair shot at a key. Nothing is worse than wanting to buy something, only to have your product gobbled up by a bot that's programmed to buy everything in an instant, or having everything gone before you can blink your eyes.

Using software created by, I am able to fairly run my sales and give everyone a shot at winning.


I only ask for some basic information from you, like your Paypal email, name, and address. This lets me verify you in my system to prevent bots and spammers, and ensures that winners are real, honest people. That data is run through the RNG software, which randomly chooses the correct amount of winners.


With RNG Sales, you don't pay anything unless you receive an invoice.

Entry doesn't guarantee an invoice, you'll only get one if you're lucky.

The more sales you enter, the more chances you give yourself to be chosen to receive an invoice!

> How do I find out about future sales? <

Right now I'm in the process of revamping the email list, which is why those of you who are subscribed haven't heard anything from it in a while.

For now, the best way to know about my sales is to follow my Geekhack page, or join the mechanical keyboard community on Reddit.


1. Instagram



I try to update Instagram regularly when it comes to important sales, but following Instagram is more for casual customers that just want the major updates and sale info.

I generally have smaller sales that are not advertised on Instagram, and instead run through Geekhack in my Artisan Forum page.


2. Geekhack


Geekhack is an online forum for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, and has a more difficult layout to navigate.

It's also the place I call home when it comes to communication, so I can interact with the community on a regular basis. I've been on there since I started making keycaps, which is why it's important to me. This is the best place to interact with me on a 1-1 basis.

Following the Geekhack page is the best way to be notified of sales. If you set up an account, you simply have to click the Watch and Notify buttons in my thread in order to get an email notification when there is activity in the thread.


It's also highly recommended that you download the Tapatalk app for your phone, so you get notifications on the go about the thread.


3. Press F5 Uncontrollably, never leave your computer