Updates to this sale and shipping info will be provided here



As of this morning, all packages in the Fulfillment Sale have been dropped off! Those that have not received a tracking email should receive it in the next day or so.

There have been a few reports of random International shipping emails not actually including a tracking number, and I'll be looking into the matter this weekend. For now, I'll manually send over your tracking if you've notified me about it.

I'd like to thank everyone for an incredible first Fulfillment Sale, and the chance to get more of my work into your hands. I'll be having some Flash Sales soon, and then I will attempt to organize another Fulfillment Sale in order to reach a lot of the people that weren't able to get into the first one. The next one will contain new colorways and sculpts.

I hope that you all enjoy your keys, and can't wait to show you what I've got in store next!



Hey everyone! We're getting close to wrapping up the sale completely, and I should have the last packages out by tomorrow or the next day. Don't fret if you don't have tracking, it's trickling out as your orders hit the post. I will make a final wrap-up post this weekend.

Order issues are few and far between, but they do happen. If you have an issue with one of your keys, the best thing you can do is shoot me an email so I can work with you to resolve it.

One of the most common issues I run into is people accidentally giving me an incorrect address, or forgetting to update their Paypal address, so their package gets sent to the wrong place. Understand that I don't know a lot of you personally, and I certainly don't know where you live. The labels are printed off in large volumes, so I'm not going to catch your address issue unless you've already made me aware of it prior to printing. However, you might have forgotten or maybe Paypal shit the bed and sent me a wrong address. If you're in this situation, I advise that you call USPS and give them your tracking information, and they can easily help you reroute the package. For some reason it's tougher for me, as a seller, to change addresses than it is for the recipient to do it. Sometimes they let me, other times they want to speak to the recipient and they turn me away, so now I just prefer to have you handle it. If something happens and you don't catch it before the package arrives, please let me know and we'll work together to get it sorted out.

Once the sale has concluded I will be taking a day or two to add a "News" section to the website, which will function in a similar way to this post, giving you guys updates on upcoming sales. I don't like sending out a ton of emails to the masses, as they're super time-consuming to make, and often result in confusion and angry emails when people don't understand how the 60 second flash sales work, etc. Geekhack works great, and I will continue to post there, but daily I get a flood of emails from people that aren't aware that it even exists and are wondering when my next sale will be, so I need to start making some of the more general information available on the website. Still, Geekhack is your best bet if you want to get into my 60 second flash sales, because I post in that thread right before I open the sale. You can set up notifications that alert you when I make a post. Otherwise they're pretty easy to miss, but that's the point. Flash Sales tend to reward the more dedicated people by nature.

Link to Geekhack Thread: HERE

Finally, there will be several sale events on 4/20, so keep an eye out for that. 





Packages are shipping out! I'm on track to be completed by this weekend, which is exciting news. I will be dropping off packages daily, but note that you will not get a tracking email until the package has actually hit the mail stream and checked into it's next stop. I do this to prevent the sadness that comes from waiting for your package to move once you get tracking, which we all hate.

Here are a couple of photos of the Cyanara and Heart of Darkness colorways that I photographed last week. You can enjoy these while waiting for your packages to arrive. I'll post more this weekend if I have time, but it's a bit difficult when my casting schedule is mainly from 9pm-5am (all night), and not having much sun makes it hard to take good photos when I remember to do it. There are a couple teasers of the gold bag keys mixed into the colorways, but note that a lot of the gold bag keys will not match the sale colorways. I'm really loving the Cyanara colorway, which photographs beautifully outdoors. Please note that the actual count of keys and the ratio of mystery keys are completely unrelated to these photos, I just grabbed a bunch to fit in the frame. There are plenty of mystery keys for those people that had 3+ keys in their orders.

Another note of interest is that I believe the keys from this sale are some of my cleanest work, and I worked hard to refine the face shots on the Shishi in order to make them as even as possible. While there are always going to be small variances in each key, I've worked hard to make sure they are all as similar as possible. I chose mostly Cyanara photos to display because I feel it really highlights these points well.

If you've sent me Fulfillment Sale address changes, know that I have them and I'll be responding individually once I've shipped out your package to your new address. 


I'll be updating everyone once all packages are out, so you don't have to wonder. Thanks for your patience everyone!




Heads up to everyone, I'll be stepping away from the workshop for a few days for a family event, starting today. During this time I won't have access to email, discord, etc. If you have any urgent business, please shoot me an email at kyle@keyforge.com, and I'll make sure to get to you as soon as I'm back in the land of the living. I won't be updating again until April 1st, due to my schedule and getting things ready to ship.

I'm happy to let you know that ALL of the keys have been made, and are now just being finished in preparation for shipping. Like I mentioned in the last post, I move groups of the keys at a time through the finishing process, so I'm confident I should be able to finish everything within a week or two, and start shipping out huge amounts of keys. A large group of orders will go out the first week of April, and I'll conclude the sale on the second week with all packages marked as shipped. I'm very happy with how this sale has gone, and it definitely motivates me to want to do more of them this year.

A handful of tracking went out today, so if you still haven't gotten anything, don't sweat it. You'll likely be in the next group to go out.




Sunlight. I've been down in the basement workshop for so long that I can barely remember what that is. In fact, I was recently told by my doctor that I have a Vitamin D deficiency due to not going outside enough (hiss). It also doesn't help that I've adopted the worst schedule known to man; staying up all night in the workshop making keys and then sleeping all day. Not great for sunlight absorption and social interaction, but great for efficiency. Despite all of that, I can say that I'm loving life and being able to focus on making so many keys for so many people. 

I'm also happy to report that things are moving along very well, and I'm actually pretty far ahead of schedule for this sale. A few orders have made their way to the post office, but the majority of orders will be shipped during the last week of March and the first/second week of April. I'm doing it this way in order to keep my production schedule as smooth as possible. Here's a peek at the process that goes into each and every key to ensure that they are clean, smooth, and ready to use once you tear open the package.


1. Clean and chemically treat molds for casting

2. Pour resin in layered shots

3. Remove cast keys from molds

4. Clip away excess resin and inspect keys

5. Heat-tempering process for strength (takes several hours)

6. Sand keys with multiple grits of sandpaper

7. Wash and scrub keys to remove residue

8. Quick sanitization bath

9. Compressed air drying (eliminates water spots)

10. Nothing but I couldn't end the list at 9


In order to maximize efficiency, I do each of these steps in big waves so I'm not having to repeat all of them over and over with each batch of keys. So far, the processes have been very smooth and I'm confident that you will love your keys. I'll have photos of some of the keys being processed next week. Like the Tesla Model 3 production schedule, orders will ship out in greater volumes very soon. However, unlike Tesla, I plan to meet my projected goals SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT LIKE TWO YEARS TO GET A CAR.

Anyway, I won't bore you with any more. Just know that I'm alive, your keys are being made (with no delays or issues), and things are good. <3




1. This is a GB-Style sale, which means these keys will be made to order. Keys will begin shipping in March, and all keys will be shipped by the end of April. 

2. You may choose ANY of the keys above (limit one of each colorway), and you will receive those keys. There are only so many of each key that will be made, and each item will become Sold Out once it has reached limit of orders. Once a key is Sold Out you will be unable to add that key to your order.

3. Add the keys that you would like to your cart, and checkout. No invoicing, no struggles. Handy "Add To Cart" buttons will be on the page so you can get your order placed as fast as possible.

4. Orders will be shipped in the order they are received. The faster you get your order submitted, the faster you will get it.

Finally, I will be adding Gold Bag doubleshot (or above) keys to random orders of 3+ items, and one lucky 3+ invoice will receive a FREE commission of their choice. Note that the Gold Bags will contain Snek, Bumpy, and Saber v2 keys.


Finally, it's important to note that I will hold other minor sale events and Flash Sales during the time that I am working on this sale. These Fulfillment sales are meant to cater to those that would rather wait a bit in order to guarantee the keys they want, but I will continue to work on other projects so that I do not lose my damn mind.


This sale will open at 6pm MDT on 2/9, and close once all keys have been claimed.


As always, thank you to everyone that makes these sales possible. Your continued support and constant shit-hawking make this all worth it.